An athletic graduate assistant is defined as a student enrolled in a graduate level program formally attached to a specific program within the athletic department.

Eligibility – Must apply for and be accepted as a student in a graduate program at CSP.
Scholarship – A financial aid application must be completed in order to receive a scholarship for tuition.
Non-Exempt Status – non-coaching Graduate Assistants will be considered a student position and must be paid for all hours worked.
Exempt Status – coaching Graduate Assistants qualify as exempt (non-eligible for overtime) under the FLSA teaching exemption due to teaching aspect of their positions.
Benefit Eligibility – All student positions are considered temporary and not subject to employee fringe benefits with the exception of the Earned Sick and Safe Time accrual for student employees required to submit a timesheet for payment of wages earned.
Volunteer Status – A Graduate Assistant may not serve as a volunteer in any capacity at CSP.
Taxes – Wages will be subject to federal and state withholding. Scholarship funds are not considered to be taxable income if the cost of tuition is not exceeded.

Last modified: April 11, 2018