The following procedure must be used when hiring a graduate assistant.

  1. When seeking approval, the hiring manager must complete the Staff Position and Recruiting Form and secure all require approvals.
  2. Upon approval, the position funding must be added to the current fiscal year budget and approved by the Provost and Chief Operating Officer.
  3. The candidate for the graduate assistant position must apply for and be accepted in a graduate program offered at CSP.
  4. The candidate must complete a financial aid application through Financial Aid. (The scholarship for tuition will not be considered taxable income to the Graduate Assistant.)
  5. The candidate must complete a student employee background screen form at least one week prior to the expected start date.

The Graduate Assistant’s wages will be subject to federal and state withholding.
The Graduate Assistant student employee will not be eligible for employer-paid fringe benefits because all student employees are considered temporary employees.

Last modified: April 9, 2018