Only authorized persons may purchase supplies in the name of CSP. Authorization is obtained through the Vice President for Finance. No employee whose regular duties do not include purchasing may incur any expense on behalf of CSP.

Without a properly approved purchase order, CSP is not obligated for any purchase. It is the policy of CSP to hold the individual personally responsible for the cost of unauthorized purchases.

Institution vendors have been informed not to accept orders from unauthorized persons or authorized persons working outside of the regular purchasing process. Items ordered “on approval” are subject to the same prior approvals and purchase order processes as all other items.

The employee requesting to purchase a commodity or service must fill out a “Purchase Order Number Request Form” or its electronic equivalent (depending on the type of purchase).

The form must be signed or electronically approved according to the following approval levels:

$0 to $1000 – Department Head or Chair

$1,000 to $4,999 – College Dean (Academic Divisions) or Director

$5,000 or over – Division Vice President

Capital Expenditures – Vice President for Finance

After initial approval, the request will be submitted to the Purchasing Department for processing.

The Purchasing Department will check the budget accounts to insure that funds are available for the request.

  • If funds are available the request is processed
  • If funds are not available the request is denied until funds are made available

After confirmation from the Purchasing Department, the employee may proceed with the purchase.

Last modified: January 26, 2018