If you leave CSP, both you and CSP will be expected to follow certain procedures. Those procedures depend on the circumstances under which you leave. Employees leaving CSP are required to report to the Human Resources Department for an exit interview.

The function of this meeting is twofold: to provide a formal setting for the transfer of much vital information and institutional property; and for the debriefing of the departing employee to permit the institution to learn from this employee for future planning and policy provision.

Topics to be included should cover the following range as appropriate:

  • Settlement of advances, petty cash funds, and other accounts receivable
  • Return of institutionally-issued keys, access cards, IDs, credit cards, telephones, uniforms, badges, computers, terminals, and other equipment
  • Settlement of final wages earned and benefits payable
  • Provision of forwarding address for any personal mail, tax reporting forms, and the like

Last modified: February 5, 2019