Vacancies may be filled by promotion or transfer within CSP. While CSP supports the promotion of internal candidates, hiring decisions will be determined through an evaluation of the knowledge, skills and abilities of candidates as well as institutional and departmental fit.  As compensation is determined by position, an increase in wages cannot be expected for all promotional opportunities.

Performance in a current job and applicable skills are a significant factor in establishing candidacy for other staff positions at CSP. Staff members on a Corrective Action or Performance Improvement Plan may be ineligible to be considered for an employee transfer to a different position. Any employee desiring consideration for another position at CSP should communicate with the Director of Human Resources. An application or resume must be submitted to be considered for a new position.

Application for a new position will be considered confidential until an offer is made. Upon acceptance of the new position the applicant must notify his/her supervisor. The Director of Human Resources will facilitate an orderly transition to the new position.

Last modified: February 22, 2019