CSP enrolls all regular full-time employees and regular part-time employees, who work more than 20 hours per week and more than 5 consecutive months per year, in the Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan of Concordia Plan Services.

This comprehensive plan covers up to 70% of gross monthly wage for eligible injury or illness. CSP pays the premium for all eligible employees.

For a comprehensive explanation of benefit coverage, the employee should consult the current applicable Concordia Disability and Survivor Plan publication, available from the Human Resources Department or by contacting Concordia Plan Services at http://www.concordiaplans.org//benefitpgs/index.html

Domestic partners are not eligible for participation in the program.

Using your Disability Benefit

Notify the Human Resources Department any time you suspect you may have a disability due to maternity or because of an illness or injury. The Human Resources Department will notify Concordia Plan Services to report the disability. The Human Resources Department requires the following information to process the benefit:

  • The name of your physician
  • The phone number of your physician
  • The last day you worked

Disability Pay

Eligible employees receive full pay for the first 14 calendar days during the evaluation period. During this time, Concordia Plan Services and the healthcare provider evaluate the case to determine the employee’s eligibility for the benefit.

Concordia Plan Services will begin to pay 70% of the monthly compensation directly to the employee starting on the 15th calendar day of the month after the disability claim has been filed and all additional requested documentation is submitted. Checks are distributed on a schedule determined by the disability benefit provider.

Employees who are eligible to accrue Paid Time Off may continue to receive the additional 30% of monthly compensation using Paid Time Off to the extent that hours are available. When Paid Time Off hours have been exhausted, the remainder of the approved leave time must be taken unpaid.

If an employee is on disability leave, accrual of the employee’s Family Medical Leave protection will be reduced simultaneously.  Exceptions to limitation under the Family Medical Leave Act may be considered where a reasonable accommodation of a qualifying disability is requested.

Return to Work

Before returning to work, an employee must submit a health care provider’s written certification that the employee is able to return to work. Failure to provide such certification may result in the delay or denial of job restoration.

Last modified: April 12, 2018