Concordia University recognizes the importance of community involvement and encourages employees to participate in community service activities by providing flexibility in work schedules and paid leave opportunities.  Day of Service Leave (DSL) is a paid time off program to participate in activities intended to give back to the community in accordance with the University mission. Employees who are benefit-eligible may receive one day (eight hours) of pay, to be taken in no less than four-hour increments, to participate in a service activity of their choosing during each fiscal calendar year.

In order for an event to be eligible for DSL leave, it must occur during the employee’s regular work schedule. Like other types of non-emergency leave, DSL leave must be requested in advance and may not be used without the approval of the Director of Human Resources and the employee’s supervisor. The supervisor may require that the leave be taken at a time other than requested based on operational needs. Employees receive the full amount of leave to which they are entitled for the calendar year upon completion of one year of employment and on July 1st every year thereafter. DSL leave cannot be advanced, and an employee cannot carry a negative balance.

DSL leave is cumulative only through June 30th of each year. Any DSL that is not used by June 30th is forfeited. It does not carry over to the next fiscal year. Unused DSL is not paid out upon termination of employment from the University.

An employee seeking to use DSL must submit a Request for Day of Service Leave to his/her direct supervisor including the name of the organization where service will be provided and a statement regarding how the activity will benefit the community. Upon approval, the supervisor will forward the request to the Director of Human Resources for approval. On the day of leave, the employee will enter Paid Time Off for the day of service.

Upon submission of the Verification of Service, payroll will adjust the DSL leave and Paid Time Off based on the number of hours served. DSL does not contribute to time worked for determining overtime eligibility and will be offset by any additional time worked during the workweek.  Employees may use DSL to participate in a Concordia-sponsored event on a day that the University is closed, if approved by the direct supervisor and the Director of Human Resources.  In this instance, the employee’s DSL bank will be reduced and their PTO balance increased by the amount of hours served.

Last modified: February 5, 2019