The University values family life as evidenced in the Hand in Hand daycare center located in Woelleger Hall as well as supporting policies such as Parental Leave and the Family & Medical Leave Act.  However, the workplace should not be used in lieu of a childcare provider.  The University believes it is inappropriate for minor children of employees to be in work areas during work hours for several reasons.

  • risk of harm to the children
  • presence of children in the workplace can cause difficulty and awkwardness for co-workers and other members of the campus community
  • potential of spreading infectious diseases to others in the campus community
  • potential liability to the University, and
  • decreased employee productivity due to distractions and disruptions.

It is the policy of Concordia University that minor children of employees not be present at an employee’s workplace (office, classroom, shop area, etc.) in lieu of other childcare arrangements, during the employee’s working hours.

Last modified: January 26, 2018