CSP supports healthy habits, which include time away from one’s desk and work space during breaks.  Examples of heathy habits may include good nutrition, daily movement and proper hydration. Each employee may take a fifteen-minute rest period (break) mid-morning and mid-afternoon. All employees are encouraged to take one meal period of at least thirty minutes within each eight-hour work period. Supervisors are responsible to determine if employees are to take their rest and meal periods together or in rotation to assure adequate staffing of an area or office.

Non-exempt employees will be relieved of all active responsibilities and restrictions during meal periods and will not be compensated for that time. Meal breaks are to be taken away from the employee’s work space and these employees are not authorized to work during unpaid meal breaks. The calculation of the break or rest period begins when the employee leaves the work station and concludes when the employee returns to the work station.

All members of the campus community are welcome at the post-chapel fellowship and refreshments. A supervisor may grant this break as the mid-morning break.

Last modified: July 9, 2019