If a bomb threat is received by telephone, the employee receiving the call should obtain as much information as possible from the caller:

  • Ask the caller to repeat the message
  • Write down the exact message, asking for the bomb’s location and time of detonation
  • If possible, notify a supervisor or manager that the call is going on, without arousing the caller’s suspicion
  • Pay particular attention to the caller’s voice and any background noises (train, traffic, etc.)
  • Notify the security office at 0
  • Notify the St. Paul Police by calling 911
  • Determine if the building is to be evacuated
  • Do not use the fire alarm system
  • Advise building staff or faculty of the next steps

Announce the following over the public address system: “There has been a bomb threat for this building. Clear the building immediately, and leave the area. Stay at least 100 feet clear from the building.

If there is NO public address system

  • Advise people in the building of the need to vacate the building
  • Advise people leaving the building to clear the area
  • If a residence hall is being evacuated, advise residents to clear the area and go to the student union for shelter, NOT to go to another residence hall

The Security Office will coordinate all communication, inside and outside the building. Employees should not discuss the threat with outside persons such as the news media.

St. Paul Police or bomb squad will assist CSP staff and faculty in a visual search of the building. Do not touch or move anything that appears suspicious – contact police or bomb squad personnel. The building will not be re-opened until authorized by the St. Paul Police and CSP security personnel.

Last modified: April 11, 2018