All resumes and application materials must be submitted through the University’s online applicant tracking system. Information regarding all submissions will be maintained for legal compliance.

To apply for a position, a current employee must complete the hiring process in full. All hiring decisions will be made in accordance with CSP’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

All preliminary interviews will be scheduled and completed by the hiring department.

Before an offer of employment is made, the Human Resources Department will perform a background screen which may include but not be limited to references, employment, county and state criminal, education, and credit reports.

Upon approval of final candidates, the hiring department must complete reference checks of a minimum of two references.

A verbal offer of employment will be made by the appropriate department representative in consultation with the Director of Human Resources. After verbal acceptance, a formal offer letter of employment will be issued and a required signature received by the candidate for the employment agreement to be finalized.

Last modified: February 4, 2019