Concordia Academy

CSP will reimburse full-time employees $100 per student per year in which a legal dependent is enrolled at Concordia Academy. A receipt for the paid Concordia Academy tuition must be presented to the Director of Human Resources before the close of Concordia Academy’s academic year to qualify for the $100 reimbursement to an employee.

LCMS Colleges and University Tuition Exchange Program

CSP participates in the “LCMS Colleges and Universities Tuition Exchange Program” and other programs of the CSP System. For detail of eligibility for participation and benefits available, consult with the Director of Financial Aid.

The Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP)

CSP is a member of The Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program, a network of CIC member colleges and universities willing to accept, tuition-free, students from families of full-time employees of other participating institutions on a limited basis. For more information, visit https://www.cic.edu/member-services/tuition-exchange-program.

The Tuition Exchange Program (TEP)

CSP is a member institution of the Transfer Exchange Program, a scholarship program offering tuition-reduction of up to 100%, for families of full-time employees of the university on a limited basis.  For more information, or a list of participating colleges and Universities, visit https://www.tuitionexchange.org/

Athletic Facilities Use

The Gangelhoff Center and Bear Den Fitness Center are available for use by faculty and staff during those times when they are not being utilized for classes or team practice. Check with the coordinator of the Gangelhoff Center and the Bear Den Fitness Center for a schedule of open staff and faculty hours. Employees are required to sign a limited waiver of liability for themselves and all guests using the equipment prior to such use.

Free or Reduced Admission to Campus Events

ID cards may be used for free or reduced admission to home athletic events, concerts, plays and other events which may be designated as requiring ID cards. These ID cards will admit the employee and one guest.

Dependent children of staff members receive free admission passes to athletic events. Certain events may not be free to dependents. The employee should check with the appropriate sponsor of the event prior to the event as to cost, ticket requirements, etc.

Campus Dining Services

CSP contracts with a food service company to provide meals in the dining hall, snacks at Union Station in the student union, refreshments at sporting events and catering of special events on campus. Employees are welcome to use all the food services. For more information contact the Director of Food Service.

Notary Public Service

CSP can provide employees notary public service for either personal or professional use. For more information, contact the Director of Human Resources.


Concordia Plan Services has provided CSP employees access to Vitality, an interactive and personal wellness program that provides support towards wellness initiatives. Through Vitality, employees may purchase wearable fitness devices at a reduced cost or earn a rebate for fitness center membership through meeting activity requirements during the course of the year. Subsidies are considered to be taxable income and employees who participate in these programs will see a deduction on their pay statement after purchase or reimbursement is made.

Last modified: October 22, 2019