CSP is dedicated to maintaining a drug and alcohol-free workplace. CSP recognizes that drug and alcohol use in the workplace can have serious consequences in terms of safety, security, and productivity. For this reason, except as permitted by the paragraph below, CSP prohibits the following activities while working, while on CSP property (including parking facilities), and while operating or occupying CSP equipment, machinery or vehicles:
• Use, consumption, or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs;
• Buying, selling, offering, or receiving illegal drugs;
• Reporting to work or working while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; and
• Electronic cigarettes or tobacco use in any form outside of designated outdoor smoking areas.

For purposes of this policy, “illegal drugs” includes legal drugs that were not legally obtained or that were used for purposes other than the purpose for which they were prescribed.

CSP recognizes that from time to time it may authorize alcohol to be served at certain functions and that some employees may hold positions where alcohol may be consumed under certain limited circumstances, such as a business function, meeting and/or business-related meal or entertainment activity. No employee is required or urged to drink alcohol at any such function or as a part of the employee’s job. Whether or not an employee decides to do so is his or her own personal choice. Any employee who drinks alcohol at a CSP-sponsored function or business-related event may not drive home while impaired by alcohol.

CSP encourages any employee who may have an alcohol or drug-related problem to seek resources through the Employee Assistance Program sponsored by Concordia Plan Services or seek other professional assistance. CSP will support any employee desiring assistance. Employees, however, should seek help before the dependency affects their job performance. While drug or alcohol dependency itself is not grounds for discipline or termination of employment, any work problems resulting from such use or dependency will be dealt with as any other work-related problem and may be cause for discipline or discharge.

In the event of unlawful possession, use and distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by a member of the university community, CSP will take action consistent with the state and federal laws, and with its policies governing its relationships with the students, faculty, and staff. Violation of this policy will result in sanctions being taken against the violator, from official warning through permanent separation (termination) from CSP, and may include referral to civil authorities for prosecution.

Last modified: February 4, 2019