Performance Reviews

Talent Management Reviews
CSP believes that review of performance is essential for the well- being of employees and the continued excellence of services. The purpose of this review is to evaluate past performance, to discuss future performance expectations, and to encourage and promote the personal and professional growth of the employee. An important part of the talent management review is a review of the current position description.  A newly signed position description should be submitted to the Human Resources office with each annual talent management review. Supervisors are expected to review each employee’s performance. A co-signed, dated copy of the evaluation is to be submitted to the Human Resources Office to be placed in the employee’s employee file. An employee’s signature on the review does not indicate agreement with it the review, but merely indicates that the employee has reviewed and discussed the written evaluation with the administrator or supervisor who completed it. Talent management reviews and position descriptions templates are available on the Forms Page of the Human Resources Web site.

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