Hiring Policies

Hiring Policies
Open positions at CSP will be posted to the online university job board for a minimum of two weeks. This Web page is available at http://www.csp.edu/Employment/

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General Policy

All new and replacement positions must be approved by the area Vice President (Cabinet Officer), Provost & Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Human Resources, based on a review of the need, budget impact and benefit to CSP.

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Application Procedure

All resumes and submissions should be directed to the Human Resources Department for distribution to the appropriate supervisor for review and screening. Information regarding all submissions will be maintained for legal compliance.

To apply for a position, a current employee must complete the hiring process in full. All hiring decisions will be made in accordance with CSP’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

After notification by the hiring department of candidates selected for interview, an application for employment will be given to the selected candidates which may be returned prior to, or at the time of, the interview. This process will ensure that CSP has similar information regarding each finalist.

All preliminary interviews will be scheduled and completed by the hiring department.

Before an offer of employment is made, the Human Resources Department will perform a background check which may include but not be limited to references, employment, county and state criminal, education and credit reports.

Upon approval of final candidates, the hiring department must complete reference checks of a minimum of two references.

A verbal offer of employment will be made by the appropriate department representative in consultation with the Director of Human Resources. After verbal acceptance, a formal offer letter of employment will be issued.

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Employee Transfers

Vacancies may be filled by promotion or transfer within CSP. While CSP supports the promotion of internal candidates, hiring decisions will be determined through an evaluation of the knowledge, skills and abilities of candidates as well as institutional and departmental fit.

Performance in a current job and applicable skills are a significant factor in establishing candidacy for other staff positions at CSP. Staff members on a Corrective Action or Performance Improvement Plan may be ineligible to be considered for an employee transfer to a different position. Any employee desiring consideration for another position at CSP should communicate with the Director of Human Resources. An application or resume must be submitted to be considered for a new position.

Application for a new position will be considered confidential until an offer is made. Upon acceptance of the new position the applicant must notify his/her supervisor. The Director of Human Resources will facilitate an orderly transition to the new position.

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Employment of Relatives
CSP neither encourages nor discourages employment of relatives, however, the basic criteria for appointment and promotion of all employees shall be appropriate qualifications and performance.  For the purposes of this policy, “relatives” are defined as spouses, children, siblings, parents, or grandparents. A “domestic partnership” is generally defined as a committed relationship between two individuals who are sharing a home or living arrangements. Without the prior approval of the Director of Human Resources, no person shall be assigned to, or work in, a department or unit under the supervision of a relative who has or may have a direct effect on the person’s promotion or performance. The University reserves the right to terminate or transfer employees if a personal relationship in the workplace is proven to have a negative impact on the operation of the business.

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Rehiring of Former Employees
No former employee of CSP who has dismissed for cause, other than lack of work, may be rehired unless authorized by the Director of Human Resources. Authorization for rehiring may be granted after reviewing the former employee’s work record, including the circumstances involved in the separation, and having considered all other information pertinent to employment. In the event a person ceases to be employed at CSP, and is subsequently rehired, credit is given for prior years of service if such service, as then rendered, was deemed satisfactory by the institution.

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Direct Deposit for New Employees

As a condition of employment at CSP all employees must be paid electronically through direct deposit or other electronic transactions.

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Paid Relocation
Paid Relocation for new employees must be authorized in advance by the Director of Human Resources and Provost & Chief Operating Officer. In the event paid relocation is authorized, it will be coordinated in conjunction with the Human Resources Department.  Relocation costs must be paid by the employee and submitted for reimbursement of prior-approved expenses.

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