Employee Communications

Open Communication

CSP encourages employees to discuss any issues they may have with a co-worker directly with that person. If a resolution is not reached, employees should arrange a meeting with their direct supervisor. If the concern, problem, or issue is not properly addressed, employees should contact the Human Resources Department Department. Any information discussed in this meeting is considered confidential, to the extent possible while still allowing management to respond to the problem. Retaliation against any employee for appropriate usage of this method of communication channels is unacceptable. (See also Grievance Procedure)

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The CSP Update
CSP emails and posts online an electronic newsletter, The CSP Update, where employees can find organizational announcements, news/events and discussions about specific topics. The employee is responsible for reading necessary information posted in the CSP Update.

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CSP encourages all employees to bring forward their suggestions and good ideas about making CSP a better place to work and enhancing service to students. Any employee who sees an opportunity for improvement is encouraged to talk it over with management. Management can help bring ideas to the attention of the people in the organization who will be responsible for possibly implementing them. All suggestions are valued.

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Closing Statement

Successful working conditions and relationships depend upon successful communication. It is important that employees stay aware of changes in procedures, policies and general information. It is also important to communicate ideas, suggestions, personal goals, or problems as they affect work at CSP.

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