Emergency Closings and Inclement Weather

Emergency Closings and Inclement Weather
CSP expects that employees make a good faith effort to get to work during inclement weather conditions if CSP is operating and does not declare an emergency closing. On rare occasions when weather has been determined to pose a potential threat to the life or safety of students, staff and faculty, the decision has been made to close CSP. CSP urges all faculty, staff and students to use their own discretion in determining whether it is safe for them to travel to campus, regardless of whether the institution is officially closed. Those employees who are unable to get to work under inclement weather conditions, where CSP has not declared an emergency closing, will be granted an authorized but unpaid absence. Paid Time Off may be substituted, if desired. Employees who are late because of weather conditions may be given a chance to make up their missed time if work schedules and conditions permit. Two or more unexcused absences for any reason, including inclement weather, may be cause for initiating the corrective action process. Weather-related and other emergencies are difficult to predict and, by virtue of their dynamic nature, are difficult to plan for, but the campus community may use the following timeframes as a guideline regarding weather-related closings or delays. In addition to notification to broadcast media, notices of school closings or delays will be posted on the Campus Portal and employees may elect to receive Emergency Notifications by opting-in to SMS text message notifications from the E2 Campus system through the Human Resources Department. CSP has designated WCCO Radio (AM 830) and KSTP-TV (Channel 5) as its official closing notification stations.
  • 7 AM – Notice to broadcast media of class cancellation/delays for day classes
  • 11 AM – Notice to broadcast media if conditions change and afternoon day classes are cancelled
  • 2 PM – Notice to broadcast media if conditions have significantly changed since 11 AM to necessitate cancellation of face-to-face evening classes
  • All employees, except members of the maintenance, security, and food service departments are relieved of duty, with no change in compensation for the day of the emergency. Maintenance, security, and food service employees are required to report to work as scheduled.
  • Cohort-based classes are canceled on a class-by-class basis
The safety and security department continually monitors the National Weather Service radio frequency of potentially threatening weather situations. If a storm or other severe weather condition develops during working hours, all employees are encouraged to monitor the progress of the storm, be ready to seek appropriate shelter if a notice is received by the safety and security department, or a civil defense siren is sounded, or if instructed to do so by announcements aired on local radio or TV stations or posted through the E2 Campus notification system. All employees are encouraged to become familiar with the best route to the emergency shelter area designated for their building. All employees are required to seek shelter if directed to do so by the safety and security department. During these emergencies, no employees will be released to leave the campus, and any who choose to do so will be taking this action at their own risk.

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Environmental Conditions
If environmental conditions in a building or work area are inappropriate for employees to perform their normally assigned tasks (such as lack of heat or water, chemical spills, emergency asbestos abatement), the head of the department should report this condition to the Director of Human Resources and with his or her approval the staff will be excused if no other alternative is practical. Other alternatives will be considered, such as:
  • arranging for use of another building;
  • rescheduling work for Saturday; or
  • allowing employees to take work home.
If these alternatives are not possible due either to the institution’s inability to make arrangements or the employee’s inability to make the accommodation attempted by CSP, employees will be excused with pay. These absences would be only for those who reported for work at the time the decision was made. When it can be determined in advance that a department or work area will be temporarily closed down, or facilities or equipment for work cannot be provided and employees are notified, the above policy is not applicable. Alternatives will be considered. If advanced arrangements cannot be made, employees will be given at least one week prior notice that they will be placed in a non-working status without pay. Employees may be paid for their accumulated Paid Time Off before being placed in a non-working status without pay.

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