Employee Introduction

Scope and Purpose
The Employee’s Responsibility
Faculty Handbook
Changes in Policy
Responsibility for Administration of Personnel Policies
Employment at Will

University Values

Mission Statement
Vision Statement
The Concordia Promise

Employment Definitions and Statuses

Terms Used in this Employee Handbook
Concordia Employee Classification
Position Classification
Employment Types
Introductory Period

Employment Policies

Equal Employment Opportunity
Non-Discrimination Policy
Immigration Law Compliance
Employee Background Check
New Employee Orientation
Personnel Records and Administration
Access to Employee Files
Change of Personal Data
Graduate Assistants in the Athletic Programs
Graduate Assistant Hiring Procedure

Health and Safety for Employee

Health and Safety
Work Related Injuries
First Report of Injury
Personal Property
Health-related Issues
Smoking Policy
Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Weapons Policy for Employees
Employee Health Hazards*
Bloodborne Pathogens
Infectious Waste
Hazardous Waste
Employee Right to Know
Safety Watch and Safety Warnings
Security Escort
Campus Emergency Procedures*
Severe Weather
Bomb Threat

Hiring Policies

Hiring Policies
General Policy
Application Procedure
Employee Transfers
Employment of Relatives
Rehiring of Former Employees
Direct Deposit for New Employees
Paid Relocation

Termination Policies

Accrued Paid Time Off
Holiday Pay
Continued Rights
Exit Interview
Voluntary Resignation
Involuntary Termination

Employee Use of University Information Systems

Network Access & Acceptable Usage Policy
Access to Technology Resources
Requirements for Use of University Technology Resources
Concordia University Acceptable Use Policy
Use of Computer Software & Copyright
Information Access and Ownership*
Files and Records
Communication Media
Copyrighted Materials
Use of University Telephones
Library Technology Center
Concordia Bookstore

Employee Use of University Property

Personal Property
University Property*
Use of University Property & Equipment
Personal Property
University Property
Identification Cards
Concordia Name Badges
Key Issuance
Parking Regulations
Return of University Property

Employee Standards of Conduct

General Guidelines
Attendance and Punctuality
Work Schedule and Space
Remote Work
Break Periods
Chapel Attendance
Harassment Policy
Fraternization with Students
Sexual Harassment Policy
Violence in the Workplace
Confidential Information and Nondisclosure
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Standards and Ethics
Conflict of Interest
Whistleblower Policy
Dress Code
Children in the Workplace
Solicitations and Distributions
Grievance Procedure
Corrective Procedure
Performance Improvement Plan
Transfer Policy
Outside Employment
Animals in the Workplace
Political Activity in the Workplace
Social Media

Compensation Policies

Wage and Salary Plan
Overtime Pay (Non-Exempt Employees)
Payroll Schedule
Online Timesheets
Compensatory Time Off (Comp Time) - Salaried Only
Pay Distribution & Electronic Payment
Pay Advances
Payroll Deductions
Automatic Deductions

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits
Benefits Eligibility
Benefit Summaries
Effective Date
Disability and Survivor Plan
Retirement Plan
AIP (Accident Insurance Program)
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Unemployment Insurance
Flex Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement Program
TSA (Tax Sheltered Annuities)
Tuition Waivers
Children and Legal Dependents of Employees Tuition Grant
Taxability of Employer-Sponsored Education Tuition Waivers
Assistant Athletic Coaches
Contracted Faculty of Practice
Ancillary Benefits
Day of Service
Holiday Policy
Paid Time Off
Bereavement Leave
Family/Medical Leaves of Absence
Parental Leave
Military Family Leave
Civil Leave
Jury Duty
Time Off To Vote
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment
Personal Leaves of Absence
Earned Sick and Safe Time

Emergency Closings and Inclement Weather

Emergency Closings and Inclement Weather
Environmental Conditions

Purchasing & Business Related Expenses

Purchasing & Business Related Expenses*
Travel Expense Reimbursement
General Purchasing Policy
Office Supply Purchases, Stationary, & Letterhead
Use of University Purchasing Processes for Personal Use

Employee Communications

Open Communication
The CSP Digest
Closing Statement