Classic MPR Composing Competition Features Concordia PSEO Student

Concordia St. Paul PSEO student Seamus Hubbard Flynn, who has studied under the guidance of CSP professor of composition Abbie Betinis the last two years, has been named as a Featured Round composer in Classical MPR and the American Composers Forum’s Minnesota Varsity competition.

One of five composers to advance to this round of the competition, Flynn will receive scholarship money, a masterclass with American composer Carol Barnett, and a live reading of his piece with musicians from the University of Minnesota. In March two composers will advance to the final “Showcase Round” for a live performance broadcast from the historic Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul.

Flynn submitted a trio he wrote called “Lyric Wheels” for trumpet, cello, and piano, which also served as his final project for his Music 990 course last semester.

Accessing E-mail with 2-Step Verification Required on Feb. 28

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 28 all CSP email users will be required to use 2-Step verification to access a CSP email account.  Many CSP users have already voluntarily turned on 2-Step verification.  This will no longer be voluntary Feb. 28, as it will now be required of all users.

This change from voluntary participation to required participation is being implemented to provide campus with a safer electronic communication environment. Over the years, phishing attacks have increased on many campuses with the phishing attempts becoming more convincing. The Concordia Information & Technology Department has a responsibility to protect users from intrusion into their email account.

An extra layer of security through a code is given when 2-step verification is turned on for a user. A code can be sent to a cell phone, office phone, or office computer. With 2-Step verification a hacker will be without the necessary code even if they obtain a user’s password.

Between now and Feb. 28, any CSP email account that has not turned on 2-step verification will receive a prompt from Google when they log into their CSP account. This prompt will walk the user through the setting up of 2-step verification. Further Google directions on turning on 2-step verification can be found at this link. In addition, to those who have not turned on 2-step verification weekly and then daily reminders will be sent as the Feb. 28 date approaches.  If you need help with the 2-step verification, you can contact our Help Desk at or 651-641-8866.

2-Step Verification FAQ

CSP Celebrates Young Artists at 14th Annual High School Honors Exhibition

The Concordia University Department of Art and Design presents its 14th Annual High School Honors Exhibition at the Concordia Gallery and H. Williams Teaching Gallery Jan. 9-19, 2017.

The exhibition will celebrate outstanding work of local high artists from Concordia Academy, Robbinsdale High School, St. Paul Central High School and The School of Environmental Studies.

An awards ceremony and closing reception will take place Thursday, Jan. 19 at 5 p.m.

Concordia’s Josh Johanson Participates in NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum

Concordia junior multi-event athlete Josh Johanson (East Chain, Minn.) was selected as one of the Northern Sun (NSIC) Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) representatives to participate in the NCAA Leadership Forum, held in Baltimore, Maryland in mid-November.

Johanson was one of just three NSIC representatives as the forum selects three SAAC members from each Division II conference. Each student must have good academic standing and demonstrate the ability to lead.

“It was one of the best experiences of my life,” Johanson reflected on the December episode of Golden Bear Insider. “The biggest takeaway for me was that as a student-athlete, we are 24-hour leaders. There’s a fine line between being an athlete and a student-athlete. As a student-athlete, we portray leadership 24 hours a day. It’s not just leading by example on the track, but also being an influential person off the track. It truly shows who you are and how you reflect your leadership. It’s what I’m trying to bring back to CSP from this opportunity.”

The NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum engages a diverse and dynamic representation of student-athletes, coaches, faculty and administrators. Student-athletes selected to attend Leadership Forum return to campus with invaluable leadership skills, the experience of exploring the relationship between personal values, core beliefs and behavioral styles, and a thorough understanding of the NCAA as a whole, the different perspectives and the valuable role of SAAC.

Read the entire story at

Campus Weather Closure Policy Reminder

On rare occasions, classes at Concordia University, St. Paul may need to be canceled and offices closed due to adverse weather conditions. While Concordia expects that individuals make a good faith effort to travel to campus during inclement weather conditions if the university is operating and does not declare an emergency closing, it is also important for individuals to use their own discretion in determining whether it is safe for them to travel to campus.

Decisions regarding closings and cancellations or delay of day classes will be announced by 7 a.m., while the decisions for cancellation of afternoon classes will be announced by 11 a.m. Face-to-face evening classes or University sponsored events cancellations will be announced by 2 p.m.

Notices regarding closings, cancellations or delays will be immediately posted on the campus portal webpage. The university will also notify local media stations regarding closings or cancellations.

Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to subscribe to Concordia’s E2 campus notification system. This system will send subscribers text messages about cancellations or closures.