Save the Date – #CSPDay is March 24, 2021

Save the Date for #CSPDay – March 24, 2021

This annual event is a chance for the entire CSP family to come together to celebrate Concordia and make a difference in the lives of our students. Visit to learn more!

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Safety Update from the SPPD and CSP Security


The St. Paul Police Department (SPPD) has shared that carjackings are on the rise in St. Paul (this is also a trend in other urban centers – not just here). SPPD is working hard to investigate and respond around the clock to apprehend suspects and prevent future incidents and you can help!

Here are 15 ways to protect yourself:


• Keep your doors locked

• Drive with a companion (if possible)

• When you stop in traffic, leave enough room to see the tires of the vehicle in front of you (the extra space allows for maneuvering away if your vehicle is bumped)


• Don’t stop or get out if you think it was deliberate

• Signal the other driver to follow you

• Call 911 while driving to a secure location (such as a police station)

• Don’t go home


• Be aware of your surroundings

• Stay off your cell phone

• Have your vehicle keys in your hand

• Exit and enter your vehicle promptly

• Lock your doors while inside.

A note from CSP Security – We share this not to increase fear of our city or community. St. Paul is an amazing city and our community is full of neighbors who seek out ways to help each other. We share this because it is important to be aware and be prepared so that if there is an occurrence, you are able to respond in the best way possible. Think of it like you would a fire drill – it might not happen, but you still want to know that exit plan.

Spring Break Cybersecurity Tips

Spring Break Cybersecurity Tips for Those Traveling

Next week is spring break.  As stewards of the data resources at CSP, we remind you that you carry with you CSP data or access to CSP data.  Here are several simple tips to follow if travel is in your plans:

  • Make sure your computer is up to date with the latest operating system patches, software patches, and virus definitions.
  • Make sure your data is backed up before traveling with a mobile device or laptop.  If you are running a CSP-issued laptop, make sure Code42 CrashPlan is properly running.
  • Make sure you have your computer or smartphone set to a lockout screen after inactivity.  This will ensure that your laptop isn’t running and open while you are not next to it leaving it vulnerable to individuals like custodial staff who might enter your hotel room.
  • Turn off the WiFi auto-connect on your devices.
  • When you are connecting to a wireless network, confirm the legitimacy of the network.
  • Remember the power of social media and limit the information you share.  For instance, don’t post which coffee shop WiFi you like to connect to while on vacation.
  • Guard your devices never leaving them unattended in public places.
  • Make sure you utilize a VPN when connecting to CSP data, especially if you utilize a CSP laptop.
  • Run a virus scan both before your trip and after you return.
  • When you return take note of any unusual programs that may have been installed while you were traveling. You can see this by looking at the control panel, programs, and features, and looking at the install date. Remember, some of your programs might have a new date because they have updated patches with them.

If you have any questions about these tips, we encourage you to contact our Help Desk at or 651-641-8866.

Uptick in Vishing Scams – Be Aware

Recently, the FBI warned of an increase in vishing attempts across the nation. Vishing is a scam done by phone by which the attackers pose to be a legitimate organization in need of personal information such as passwords, banking numbers, etc. Follow these tips to help prevent you and Concordia from being a victim of vishing attacks:

    • Never give out personal info like passwords, credit card numbers, routing numbers, or driver’s license numbers to unknown individuals.
    • If an unknown caller asks you to go to a website, confirm the legitimacy of the website first.
    • Report any unusual phone calls and the associated phone numbers for calls you have received as a CSP employee, especially if they ask for personally identifiable information. You can report these calls to the Help Desk at 651-641-8866.

Technology Diligences with Updates and Patching

Cybersecurity continues to grow in importance for organizations. One of the best ways for you to be a steward of CSP’s data is to keep your personal computers patched. Learn more below:

  • CSP-issued laptops leverage a program called Kaseya to install patches. CSP employees will routinely receive a message from Kaseya asking for a reboot to complete the installation process. Please make sure that machines are rebooted the same day that a Kaseya message is received.
  • Personal devices are expected to be current with patches as well. Here are several reasons to continue to follow through with software and hardware updates and patches:
    • Software patches and updates repair security vulnerabilities.
    • Software patches and updates bring new features to your system.
    • Software updates protect CSP data.
    • Software updates and patches not only protect your device but help to protect the other devices in the network.
    • As a CSP employee, you deserve the latest and greatest which comes through these software updates and patches.