End-of-Year Update – Upcoming CSP Global Launch Within Concordia University, St. Paul

As we cap off another successful calendar year at Concordia St. Paul, a lot of work is going on behind the scenes for exciting new opportunities in store for early 2023. We want to provide this internal update before everyone takes some time off for the Christmas-New Year’s holiday season.

Many of you have heard some early updates on the planned launch of CSP Global, which is slated for introduction in mid-January. CSP Global is essentially a new way for us to bring our existing and proven online and hybrid non-traditional programming to even more people. As a newly defined division of Concordia University, St. Paul, CSP Global will be the entity housing 40+ career-propelling online and hybrid degree programs for non-traditional students. The existing “CSP” brand will apply to our traditional on-campus undergraduate programs. 

The introduction of CSP Global is the smart, logical next step in the long-term growth and vitality of the university as a whole. While many other higher education institutions are struggling with declining enrollment, our university has doubled in size over the past decade. By aligning our online/hybrid/graduate programming under CSP Global, we can continue to grow by reaching more students regionally, nationally, and internationally, which directly supports our stated vision to be a Christ-centered, nationally prominent university known for excellence and innovation. 

At the same time, growth will allow continued investment for the future of our traditional on-campus programming and infrastructure as well as supporting ongoing expansion of our online undergraduate and graduate offerings. In addition, we will be better positioned to support faculty and staff across traditional and non-traditional settings, which will create an even better, empowering environment for teaching and supporting our students in all programs. 

Our objective over the long term is to double our enrollment again, with a target enrollment of 10,000+ students by 2030 Concordia St. Paul is actively developing new traditional and non-traditional degree programs aligned with the needs and trends in today’s global economy.  

CSP Global will mark an evolutionary step for our 130-year old university, and it aligns with our continued adherence to our stated strategic plans. Careful planning over the past year has helped ensure a positive transition that will occur over many months. Our objective is to set the stage for sustainable growth and foster an environment for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff alike.  

A few facts to help guide everyone through the process in 2023:

  • At its core, CSP Global is primarily a means of creating a unified brand to better market our online and hybrid non-traditional offerings. 
  • Continued use of the shorter “CSP” as the brand for our traditional on-campus offerings will help ensure clarity of our distinct delivery channels.
  • CSP and CSP Global will still be Concordia University, St. Paul, at their cores. The degrees will be conferred by the university, just as they have for decades.
  • Faculty and staff will generally experience a business-as-usual transition. We will be aligning technology, support, and other services to enhance how we serve students – a process that will happen over the course of several months.
  • Ongoing growth will lead to a vibrant, sustainable alumni community, which will serve to make a degree from our university even more valuable in the marketplace.    

We will provide additional updates internally through many channels (in-person and online) prior to the planned mid-January public announcement. Additional materials will also be available before the news is made public to help everyone understand and share information with your own stakeholders. 

In the meantime, we hope you have a blessed Christmas and holiday season. We have much to be thankful for as we close out a successful year in 2022 and move into an exciting next stage for our university and the Concordia St. Paul community as a whole. 

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