Updates to plan coverage of COVID-19 related testing, treatment and telehealth services

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Concordia Plans made changes to the way the Concordia Health Plan covered testing and treatment of COVID-19 and telehealth services for any illness in 2020 to support workers and their families during these challenging times. Specifically, diagnostic services, treatment of COVID-19, and telehealth services were provided free to members, even those with a high deductible health plan. These changes were made possible by legislation passed in the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act, and further clarified in the CARES act, which permitted this coverage without violating health saving account regulations. Due to the proliferation of vaccinations and treatments, along with the reopening of our communities and access to health care, the CHP will revert to normal cost share for COVID-19 treatment and telehealth services effective Jan. 1, 2022.

What’s changing

  • Treatment of COVID-19. If you’re diagnosed with the coronavirus disease, treatment provided in-network is a covered service that will be subject to regular cost-sharing and deductibles.
  • Telehealth. All telehealth services offered through each of the CHP options will be subject to regular cost-sharing and deductible. Cost share varies by vendor but generally all services will incur a fee. Please visit our website for costs specific to each service.

What’s not changing

  • COVID-19 vaccinations. The cost of the COVID-19 vaccine will be covered at 100%. The member will not incur any expense. This includes booster vaccines, if your medical provider deems this clinically appropriate.
  • Testing for COVID-19. Testing is covered 100% through members’ CHP benefits when testing is medically necessary (when members are referred by a medical professional, have been exposed to someone or are having symptoms). Note: the ability to provide this diagnostic testing without member cost share will terminate when the National Public Health Emergency periods ends. This is set to terminate on Jan. 16 but could be extended. CPS will update our website if these changes go into effect.

We will update the Concordia Plans website to reflect any changes as they become known. You may want to bookmark this page to check back for current coverage as you need it.

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