Instructions to Update Your CSP Email Signature

Email is our main form of communication in the information age and one of the easiest ways to communicate Concordia’s brand to others including current and prospective students, alumni, donors, vendors, and many others in our community. Because of this, CSP has taken the opportunity to update our email signature. We have created a few important guidelines to employ moving forward. Thank you for your help in delivering a consistent and unified message.

Please review the “do’s” and “don’ts” of your Concordia email signature. It’s important that the guidelines are followed closely to ensure that every email sent from a email address presents our brand consistently.

Every email signature must include the following:

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Office Phone
  • Concordia Email Logo

Please follow these steps to update your email signature:

  • Enter all of your personal information into the format below (please do not change colors or fonts).
  • Your Name Here
    Concordia University, St. Paul
    Your Job Title Here
    Your Department or Office Goes Here
    P: 651.641.8888  |  C: 651.641.8888  |  F651.641.8888
  • Add text portion of signature to the email client of your choice.


  1. Open Gmail.
  2. In the top right corner, click the gear icon, then Settings.
  3. In the “Signature” section, paste the text portion of your signature in the box.
  4. Click the add picture button.
  5. Paste image URL in the window (
  6. ) and click select.
  7. Click the image and choose the “large” size.
  8. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.


  1. Open Outlook
  2. Go to File then Options. On the Mail tab, go to Signatures.
  3. In the “Signature” section, paste the text portion of your signature in the box.
  4. Click on the inserting picture icon.
  5. Paste image URL in the window (
  6. ) and click Insert. 

Acceptable Additions

  • Links to University-sponsored web page
    • All links must be attached to text; no links should be typed out.
  • Cell phone numbers
  • Fax number
  • Advancement related buttons, such as “Give Now”
  • Academic Department or Office 
  • Office location

 Unacceptable Additions

  • Links to any personal social media channels
  • Links to any personal websites, including blogs
  • Any images, including headshots, non-CSP logos, or photos of cats.
  • Personal quotes
  • Links to any websites not affiliated with Concordia St. Paul
  • Social media icons (they tend to break when viewed on different email platforms)
  • Non-standard fonts

Once complete, your signature should look like this:

CSP Email Signature

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