Technology Diligences with Updates and Patching

Cybersecurity continues to grow in importance for organizations. One of the best ways for you to be a steward of CSP’s data is to keep your personal computers patched. Learn more below:

  • CSP-issued laptops leverage a program called Kaseya to install patches. CSP employees will routinely receive a message from Kaseya asking for a reboot to complete the installation process. Please make sure that machines are rebooted the same day that a Kaseya message is received.
  • Personal devices are expected to be current with patches as well. Here are several reasons to continue to follow through with software and hardware updates and patches:
    • Software patches and updates repair security vulnerabilities.
    • Software patches and updates bring new features to your system.
    • Software updates protect CSP data.
    • Software updates and patches not only protect your device but help to protect the other devices in the network.
    • As a CSP employee, you deserve the latest and greatest which comes through these software updates and patches.

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