Microsoft Word

Letterhead supporting University brand standards is integral to bolster Concordia University, St. Paul’s brand identity and consistency across all University communications.

You can download these templates to your computer for use in any university-related communications. The letterhead template is a Microsoft Word document that can be used on both PC and Mac platforms.


  • Do not alter the watermarked design, margins, or fonts.
  • The document is designed with two editable fields:
    1. Department name
    2. Body Text

Downloading templates:

To download a template, position your cursor over the link to the document. Take note of the file name.

If you’re on a PC, “right click” to bring up the menu. Then choose “download link to disk” or “save target as.” This will download the file to your computer. Look for it in your download file.

If you’re on a Mac, just click to download the file. Then look for the file in your download folder.

Note to Mac users: If you store the files with a “.dot” suffix in the “My Templates” folder in Microsoft Word, you will be able to access them easily via “My Templates” in your Microsoft Word “Project Gallery.” Saving them there allows you to open a new unnamed document based on the template, while still maintaining your original.

If you have any problems loading or using this Letterhead Template, please contact the Concordia University Technology Help Desk.

Google Docs

The CSP Google Docs template can be accessed by any csp.edu email address, without needed to install or download any templates. This general template can be used for university presentations, student assignments, or any other university activities.

  1. Before beginning, ensure you are signed in with your csp.edu email address. The template will not appear if using a personal account.
  2. Visit www.docs.google.com.
  3. In the top panel named “Start a new document,” there will be lists of standard Google templates to pick from. On the top right side of this panel, there is a dropdown marked with arrows which defaults to the selection titled “template gallery.”
  4. Click these arrows, and the template panel will expand, revealing more templates, with tabs in the blue bar across the top, which are marked “General” and “Concordia University, St. Paul.” Click the CSP tab.
  5. Click on the CSP Document Template, and begin creating your document. Do not adjust the headers or footers.
  6. To save your document, change the name, and it will be saved to your Google Drive. Use your Drive to find your document later to edit, present, or download.