Course Reserves Policies & Procedures

Faculty Questions

Student Questions

Faculty Questions

How do I put items on reserve?
Fill out this form online. Paper forms are still available to fill out in person at the Reference Desk.

How do I obtain the copyright permission required to put material on reserve?
Please read our Reserves Copyright Policy.

How long does it take for an item to be put on reserve?
It will usually take one week for an item to be put on reserve; however you should allow extra time during peak periods such as the beginning of a new semester.

How long can students check out items on reserve?
There are three options available for checkout times.  They are 2 hours, 3 days, and 1 week.  You can choose the length of time for each item that you place on reserve.

What are e-reserves?
E-reserves are items that have been scanned and are available online.  Note: The amount of material scanned cannot exceed limits set by fair use.

What happens to reserve items at the end of the semester?
Items will be taken off of reserve at the end of the semester, unless otherwise specified.  Items owned by the library will be reshelved.  We will notify you after personal items are withdrawn from reserve and within one month you will need to come and pick them up.  At the end of the semester, please wait for the items to be officially taken off of reserve before picking them up.  If you do not wait we cannot run full usage reports.

 Student Questions

Where do I check out reserve items?
Stop by the library circulation desk and ask the desk worker for the item and check it out there.  The materials are arranged by class, so you will need to know your class number in order for the desk worker to find the item, e.g. COM 103.

How long can I check out reserve items?
The length of time a reserve item can be checked out may be 2 hours, 3 days, or 1 week.  The length of checkout is chosen by the professor that puts the item on reserve.  The most common checkout period is 2 hours.  Please be courteous to your classmates and return items on time.

Are there any fines for late reserve items?
There are fines for late reserve items.  It is $0.25 per hour per item.  Please remember that other people may be waiting for a reserve item so it is important to return it on time.

How do I access an e-reserve? 
1. Go to the library home page.  It can be accessed from the campus portal.
2. On the left side of the screen, in the blue box, there is option to search course reserves.
3. The default search is by instructor name, but you can choose course name or number.
4. Ex: Do an instructor search for Hackett.
5. If the item is on eReserve, it will say Electronic Copy Available in the description area (on the far right side of the screen under the box that says FORMAT).
6. To access the article online, click on View or Print article title (found on the left side of the screen next to the item title).
7. To view/print the materials, you must enter your name and barcode.  Your barcode is found at the bottom of your CSP ID card and begins with 20519.  Type this information, and click on Submit.
8. eReserves are in PDF format and can be read on the screen or printed.
a. To print, use the icons at the top of the PDF article–not File, Print (file, print will print the screen, not the
b. Use the icons above the article to manipulate it (zoom in/out, page forward/back).
9. To exit the article, click on the Return to Catalog icon above the article.

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