Off-Campus Library Use: Database Access

How do I get access to the databases from off campus?

In the Find section of the library webpage (, you can either reach our full list of available databases by clicking on the Databases: A-Z or Databases by Subject link. You will be asked to log in.  Use the same username and password that you would use to access the on-campus computers (i.e. your network username and password). If you are having trouble, try using your L# as the password. If you are still having trouble, the I.T. Help Desk can help you reset your network password.

What if the database denies me access?

There are a few circumstances that may cause problems when trying to access databases from off campus:

1. If you get the message “I’m sorry but you no longer have an active account with Concordia University”, please contact the library immediately so that we can arrange for temporary access and troubleshoot the problem. Please include your full name, what program you are enrolled in (be as specific as possible), when your enrollment began, who your professor is, whether or not you can successfully login to the student portal, and whether or not you have successfully accessed CSP library databases in the past. If it is during reference hours, it would be best to call (651) 641-8812. Otherwise, send us an email at
2. Accessing a database from a business may be a problem as some businesses have firewalls that block databases.
3. Accessing the database or articles from a location other than the CSP library website may be a problem because the database may not recognize you as a CSP user/CSP subscriber.

In the event that you are denied access to one of the databases, please contact the library at or call (651) 641-8812 for assistance.  It will be very helpful if you have a few pieces of information (see questions below) with you at the time of your call:
1. Are you experiencing the problem with just one database or with more than one?
2. How long has this problem occurred?
3. Do you see a plain text Concordia University login screen or do you see the database/vendor name on the login screen?
4. What messages, if any, do you get when the login fails?
5. What did you do step by step?

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