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Contact ILL:
(651) 641-8812
Hours: 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday

Campus Address:
Library Technology Center
1282 Concordia Avenue
St. Paul, MN  55104

Alternative Contact:
Netanya Roden
(651) 641-8240


ILL Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to use ILL?

You may use ILL services if you are a currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff at Concordia University, St. Paul, MN.  You must have a valid Concordia ID to place requests.  You may be denied ILL service if you have unresolved overdues or if you abuse the service by not picking up the items that you order.  ILL service is NOT extended to holders of special privilege or alumni cards.  Holders of these cards may wish to consult their local public library to request items they need through ILL.

What can be requested?

Via ILLiad you may request:

  • Books that aren’t available in CLICnet.  Always check CLICnet first.
  • Journal articles from journals that aren’t owned by Concordia and are not available full text online.
  • Other library material not owned by Concordia or other CLIC libraries (i.e. scores, DVDS, CDS, etc.)

Via CLICnet you may request:

  • Items found in CLICnet (that allow requests to be placed)
  • Note: videos available in CLICnet may or may not be requestable through the catalog.  Use the request button if available.  If no request button appears contact Access Services to make the request: Netanya Roden 651-641-8240 or

Can I borrow theses and dissertations?

If the thesis or dissertation you want is not available in our large Dissertations and Theses database, you may request it through Interlibrary Loan.  These may be hard to get via ILL; typically only the library of the institution where the thesis was written has a copy.  Some libraries do not loan these items.

How do I request a book?

Please consult CLICnet first to make sure that Concordia does not own the book you need.  If you find the book you want on CLICnet, but it is not available at Concordia, place a request for that book on CLICnet using the Request button and it will be sent to Concordia or the library you specify.  For all other books, you may place your request using the ILLiad interlibrary loan system.  You will need to set up your user profile the first time you use ILLiad.  Please fill out the book request form as completely as possible to avoid delays in processing your request.

How to I request a journal article?

Please consult our Journal Finder too on the library’s homepage before placing a request to make sure that Concordia does not own the issue of the journal you need.  If Concordia has access online you will be able to link to the journal and browse to the article needed.  If Concordia owns the print or microfilm copy on campus students and faculty can locate the title in the library and make a photocopy of the article.  Distance students, or all users if it is not owned by Concordia place a request using the ILLiad interlibrary loan system.  You will need to set up your user profile the first time you use ILLiad.  Please fill out the journal request form as completely as possible to avoid delays in processing your request.

What kinds of things are difficult to get through ILL?

It can be difficult to get reference books, dissertations, bestsellers, very old (pre-20th century) and very new (current year) items, archival and manuscript material, genealogies and local histories, entire issues of journals, computer software, audio and videocassettes, CD, phonograph records, and microforms.

Note: We do not fill ILL requests for items used as textbooks in courses.

How long does it take to receive ILL items?

Books and other loaned materials:

  • Books requested via CLICnet take 2-3 days on average.  Books from Minnesota take up to two weeks.  If we need to go out-of-state take up to three weeks.  However, some requests can take up to two months to fill.  Borrowers are notified by email when materials become available.  You may also stop by or call the Circulation Desk to see if you book has arrived.  Be sure to pick up your materials as soon as possible; the loan period for these materials is set by the lending institution and time begins immediately, not based on when you pick it up.

Journal Articles:

  • Delivery time of an electronic or photocopied article will vary depending on where it is coming from.  Articles from other CLIC institutions and the University of Minnesota generally arrive in 3-5 business days.  Articles from other intuitions, especially those that are out-of-state generally take up to two or three weeks to arrive.

PLAN AHEAD!  Delivery from any library will depend on the availability of the requested materials.  If we need to submit requests to several holding libraries to find a supplier the request will take longer to fill.

It is important to give a need by date; we will assume that you have a 30-day deadline.

Most requests are processed within 24 hours, Monday – Friday.

How much does ILL cost?

There is no charge for using the ILL service.  The cost to Concordia University’s Library Technology Center, however, can be significant; therefore, we ask that you be selective in your requests.

Books and journal articles are free unless the lending library charges for the loan of the material.  We will notify you about possible charges and you may cancel the request or pay the requested amount.

How long is the loan period for a book?

Via ILLiad:

  • The average loan period is 3 weeks; this can vary considerably as each library follows its own policy in setting due dates.

Via CLICnet:

  • Items from each libraries main collection have a loan period of 6 weeks for students and 90-120 days for faculty.  Special collections may have shorter loan periods.

Can books be renewed?

InterLibrary Loan Materials via ILLiad:

  • You may request a renewal; however it is at the discretion of the lending institution as to whether a renewal is granted and for how long.  Many institutions will not grant renewals.  Contact the Interlibrary Loan office to request a renewal at 651-641-8812 or
  • Books borrowed from other institutions may be subject to recall by the lending library.  You should then return these books to Concordia’s Library Technology Center ASAP so that they may be returned to the lending library.

CLICnet Materials via CLICnet:

  • These books can be renewed twice; each renewal is 4 weeks.  A renewal will not be granted if another person has placed a hold on the book.  After the renewal period books will need to be returned.  You may renew online via CLICnet, call the Circulation Desk at 651-641-8237, or stop at the library in person.

How will I be notified of my incoming ILL requests?

You will receive an e-mail when your material arrives.  Please make sure the information on your library record is up to date and complete so you can be contacted easily.

How can I check on the status of my requests?

Via CLICnet:

  • You may check the status of your requests in CLICnet by logging into My Account, located on the main page of CLICnet.  If you have questions contact the Circulation department at or 651-641-8237.

Via ILLiad

  • You may check the status of requests that you requested using ILLiad by logging into your ILLiad account.  If you have questions contact the ILL department at or 651-641-8812.

Where do I pick up and return ILL materials?

Books & Loaned Materials:

  • All books and loaned materials are to be picked up and returned at the Circulation Desk of the Library Technology Center.  Have you Concordia ID with you.
  • Students within the Twin Cities metro area (including Ramsey, Hennepin, Anoka, Dakota, Washington, and Scott counties) must come to the Library to receive and return their books.
  • Students outside of the Twin Cities metro may request to have books mailed to your home.  Please notify the library staff to mail books to your home address by replying to the pick up e-mail.  It is your personal responsibility to return the materials to the library through the U.S. Postal Service.

Journal Articles:

  • Generally, journal articles are delivered electronically via ILLiad and do not require a return.

What if I get an overdue notice?

Please return overdue items as soon as possible.  Concordia’s reputation in the Interlibrary Loan world depends in large part on how faithfully we adhere to other library’s due dates.  Please do not jeopardize our future borrowing privileges with other libraries by disregarding their due dates.  Note that unresolved overdue fines may result in the loss of your ILL privileges.

If you get an overdue notice for an interlibrary loan book which you have already returned, please note the date that the overdue was printed.  If you returned the book on or after that date you can probably ignore the overdue.  If you returned the book before that date contaqct the Circulation Desk for CLIC items ( or 651-641-8237) or the ILL department for ILLiad items ( or 651-641-8812).

What if I lose or damage ILL materials?

As a borrower, you are responsible for any loss or damages to the materials.  You will be billed for the lost or damaged book.  Lost or damaged books will be subject to the CLIC wide replacement policies ($65.00/book) or the specific policies of the lending library.

Why would my ILLiad request NOT be filled?

  • CLIC owns the book you have requested; please submit your request via CLICnet.
  • Concordia owns the journal you have requested, or it is available full text via an online database.
  • Your citation information is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • The item is unavailable from another library.
  • The cost of obtaining it exceeds our limits.
  • We are unable to get the item by your need by date.

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