IRB Forms

This section provides the necessary documents to effectively plan, conduct, and carry out University research. Please refer to the “Policies and Procedures” tab information regrading the requirement for the IRB review process. Relevant forms are found below.

Please send all forms to

Human Subjects Review Application (Revised 1/2/18)Use this form to submit an application for a new study requiring IRB review

Modification Request Form (Revised 5/17/2017)Use this form to request a change in an already approved study

Review of International Research (Revised 11/2017)Complete this form when having international research reviewed by IRB

Application for Waiver of Documented Consent Form (Revised 1/4/2019)Use this form to request a waiver of documented informed consent in research where a participant is not required to sign a consent form prior to participation.

Application for Waiver of HIPAA Authorization (Revised 5/17/2017)Complete this form when requesting a waiver of patient authorization to use protected health information (PHI) in research

Unanticipated Problem Form (Revised 5/17/2017)Use this form to report unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects or others related to your IRB approved research

Request to Recruit Participants at Concordia University (Revised 9/22/2017)Non-Concordia investigators should use this form to request permission to use Concordia University faculty, staff, and students in research projects

Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Form (Revised 3/2017) Use this form to document any potential conflict of interest in conducting specific research