Password Expirations

For those who may be working from home with a Concordia laptop in the coming weeks, our IT department recommends resetting your password before you leave campus.  Our faculty-staff passwords do expire and we want to make sure you are not in a situation where you are prevented from doing your work before leaving campus.  For those who have a CSP laptop, the easiest way to reset your password is to do a Control+Alt+Delete and select change password.

Google Hangout Meet

It is very easy in Google Calendar to set-up a Google Hangout Meet session.  When you are creating a new meeting in Google calendar, under the more options you will see the ability to add Google Hangout Meet.  Here is a short 50-second video to show you how easy it is.  Please note that if you are sharing the invite out to non-Google accounts, they made need to enter a private/incognito window in order to join the meeting.


We want any flex workers to be as productive as possible when they are working from home.  We are giving employees the trust and option to be responsible for taking home docking stations, keyboards, and monitors.

Google Jabber/VPN Install

Thank you to everyone who has been able to confirm the installation of Cisco Jabber softphone onto Concordia owned laptops along with Fortigate VPN clients.   If you are still in need of Cisco Jabber or VPN, please contact the Help Desk at 651-641-8866.

Work With a Lense Toward Cybersecurity

As you work outside the closed secure network of CSP, we ask that you work with a mind that always thinks of Cybersecurity.  Please make sure you don’t share Personally Identifiable Information or passwords with others while you remain off-site.  Please refrain from letting family members from utilizing your Concordia owned equipment.  Be vigilant in protecting the data of CSP.


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