1. Sign in to Your CSP E-mail from any Computer. If you do not intend to use a cell phone and text messaging for your 2-step verification, please log into a computer near a phone which you can use to verify your code.
  2. Click on your “Google Account” icon in the top right corner of your e-mail (The icon will be a picture you set up or first letter of your first name)
  3. Within your Google Account screen you should see a button called “My Account” Click on this  “My Account”
  4. Click on the words “Sign-in & Security.” These words should be on the left side of the screen with a padlock next to it.
  5. On the upper left side of the screen you should Click on the words “Signing in to Google”
  6. Click on the Words “2-Step Verification.” From here you will follow these directions to set-up 2-step
    1. Read the information on the screen “Protect your account with 2-Step Verification” and click “Get Started.”
    2. You will now be asked to enter your password. You will enter your network/portal/Google password.
    3. After entering your password, click “Sign-In”
    4. On the screen “Let’s set up your phone,” You are asked to enter a phone number. If you are using a cell phone with text messaging, enter that phone number here and select “text message.”  If you do not have a cell phone, you may enter a land line phone number and select phone call.
    5. Now hit the “next” button.
      1. If you have selected land line phone number and select phone call, you will receive a call at this time. The call will give you a six digit code.  Now, enter this code on the screen and proceed to step 7.
    6. On the screen, “Confirm that it works,” enter the code which you should have just received in your text messaging software.
    7. Now click “next.”
    8. You should now see a message that says, “It worked! Turn on 2-Step Verification?”  You will now click, “Turn it on.”  Failure to click the “Turn it on” will result in your account not being properly enrolled.  If you received an error message at this step, please contact the Help Desk at 651-641-8866 or helpdesk@csp.edu.  Do not continue if you did receive an error message.