Are you looking to log into your CSP Google e-mail account?

This page was created as a reminder that at the end of February, a CSP e-mail account will need to be enrolled with Google 2-step verification to access the account

Looking for the link to Your e-mail after enrolling with 2-Step? 

 If you have already registered for 2-step or intend to do it at a different time this month, you can use this link to get to your CSP e-mail.  

What happens if I don’t get enrolled in Google 2-step verification by the end of February?

A CSP e-mail account that doesn’t enroll in Google 2-Step verification by the end of February will be locked out of their CSP e-mail account on February 28th.  In addition, e-mail will not be delivered to the account.  Any e-mail being sent to that e-mail account will receive a bounce back that the account is suspended.

Looking for more information about Concordia’s efforts to move to Google 2-step verification?

An FAQ page has been created to answer your questions.  You can get to the FAQ by clicking on this link.

Looking to enroll in Google 2-step verification?

You can begin the 2-step enrollment process at the website https://www.google.com/landing/2step/