Google 2-Step

All CSP email accounts will require Google 2-Step Verification.  The enforcement of this policy will take place on February 28th, 2017.  This page contains Frequently Asked Questions surrounding the enforcement of 2-step authentication.

  •  What is Google 2-Step Verification?

Google 2-Step Verification is a method to protect access to an e-mail account with a second layer of protection.  This second layer of protection comes in the form of a code which is sent to a cell phone, campus computer, or office phone.

  • Where can I start with the 2-Step Verification?

Google does have a landing page which explains 2-Step Verification.  In addition, there is a link on this landing page that moves a user through the setup process.

  • Why is 2-step verification being enforced?

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in phishing e-mails.  In addition, these e-mails have become more convincing as each day passes.  As stewards of the electronic records on campus, the Concordia Information & Technology Department needs to provide a more secure electronic environment.  2-step verification is one action that will help make our electronic environment more secure.

  • Is Concordia unique in the number of phishing attempts seen recently?

Concordia is not unique in their battle against phishing attempts.  Colleges are seeing a rise in phishing attempts.  One local college has taken the same steps in requiring 2-step verification for e-mail.  Many other local colleges are considering moving to a requirement status.

  • 2-step verification sounds great. How can I turn it on for other services I might be using?

We recommend two sites specifically. provides a search engine of sites and how to turn on 2-step authentication for those sites.  The other suggested site is the National Cyber Security Alliance and Anti-Phishing Working Groups of the US Department of Homeland Security has resources about cyber-security and 2 step authentication at

  • What do I do if I don’t have a cell phone or want to use my cell phone for this process?

One can setup 2-step verification utilizing an office phone number or a home phone.

  • I heard that a program exists that helps with authenticating my account every 30 days. Where can I find that application.

You can find it in either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.  In addition, there is a Windows Google Authenticator Program found at  A web browser plugin exists for Firefox at  Google Chrome also has a web browser plugin at  It should be noted that the Google Authenticator Application only works on specific devices.  This Google Help page indicates what requirements are needed to install the Google Authenticator on your device.

  • What if I setup 2-step verification wit my cell phone and I lose or change my number?

Google provides a wonderful FAQ of their own regarding scenario based situations for 2-step verification.  You can visit this FAQ resource at  In addition, the Concordia Information and Technology Department with a front-end Help Desk support will be available to help when one of these scenarios takes place.