Monday Morning Mentor

Here’s how Monday Morning Mentor series works:

Monday Morning Mentor delivers 20-Minute faculty development online lecture/programs each week of the academic year: 16 in the fall, 16 in the spring. Each program is available online Monday morning. The Faculty Scholarship Center will send/post a link as soon as the lecture ready. It’s a great way for faculty to start the week.

  • The program is available for a full week for on-demand viewing.
  • Faculty can view it where and when is convenient for them.
  • Everyone at CSP can watch the program when it fits into their schedule.

Magna has also promised: supplemental materials, PowerPoint handouts, a facilitator’s guide, transcript, reminders (three days before the program and the day each one airs), and promotional materials.

And the schedule looks exciting. Here is a list of the fall semester lectures. Take a look and try to watch all of them. There are links each week outlining the talk and introducing the speaker.

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