Innovative Teaching & Learning Ideas

Innovation in Teaching & Learning Project (ITL)
CSP Faculty Scholarship Center

We know that the Concordia faculty are undertaking new classroom and teaching initiatives each and every semester. What we seek to do this year is simply start collecting, recording, and celebrating this faculty creativity. Maybe we will even offer a few incentives!

Here is the 2017-2018 plan:
a): We will be collecting and recording any and all Innovative Teaching ideas (starting in the fall).

b): These ideas can come from any class or collaboration of classes (online, traditional, blended, graduate, undergraduate). We just want to know what new and exciting things are taking place in our CSP classrooms.

c): These “Innovative” ideas can be anything from individual lessons to entirely revamped courses.

d): And your Innovative ideas don’t even have to be a success this first time! There will be no required assessment, application forms, paperwork, or questions from us. We just want to know what you are doing.

e): We will celebrate these Innovation Teaching & Learning ideas at the end of the year (at the spring Faculty Retreat). Awards and accolades and will be given for: individuals, team-teaching, departments. Faculty will also be encouraged to discuss their ITL ideas at this spring Faculty Retreat.

f): Let’s have fun with this!

possible ITL ideas (just to get you thinking)

new online class methods
experiential/active learning
community activities
innovative group work
using new technologies
department initiatives