Grant Application

Faculty Development Grant Program Application

Please formulate and submit a proposal of no more than five pages (Arial 12 font, double spaced) which addresses each of the following points. Carefully review the posted Faculty Development Grant Guidelines before completing your application, and be sure to submit your application by the posting deadline.

note: Please number the sections of your proposal according to the following template:

Date of Application:

Name of Faculty Member:

1. Title of Request

2. Goals and Objectives of the proposed activities, and the intended outcomes of the project. Please include clearly stated intended learning outcomes; clearly stated methods for achieving each outcome; and a carefully formulated plan for evaluating whether each outcome has been accomplished.

3. Work plan and time frame for the proposed project (include applicable research methodology and feasibility). The research methodology must be clear and concise.

4. Timeliness and overall significance of the project to the faculty member, to the institution, and/or to the wider academic community.

5. Description of the applicant’s qualifications that would enable completion of this project and dissemination of results to appropriate groups.

6. Likelihood of success via performance, exhibition, publication, or some other form of peer or public review.

7. Proposed budget itemizing expenses directly related to the project.

8. How and when the outcomes of the activity will be evaluated.

9. How and when project results will be shared with others.

10. Approximate date when the documentation of research will be presented to the Faculty Scholarship Center

NOTE: Applications must be submitted to David Woodard (woodard@csp,.edu) and to the Office of Academic Affairs (cc: Kathy Haeg — by the posted deadlines. Any supporting documentation should be submitted electronically or in hardcopy, if necessary, to the office of the VPAA. The name of the faculty member should be included in the title of all electronically submitted files.