faculty thoughts

I would like to make this blog a place where CSP Faculty can report on their travels, conference attendance, sabbaticals, and research. Frequent “Notes-from-the-Field” would be ideal. I also plan to add brief interviews with faculty members–let the blog readers know who we are and what we are doing. Finally, an occasional controversial question to stir up comments would also be good I think!

For this week I have been thinking about our old “First Fridays” where faculty presented their research findings and talked about their academic work. We no longer have a venue for our work. Should we organize something new? I have a few ideas:
a): bring back First Fridays
b): Brown Bag lunch discussions
c): some online option
d): a week-long “festival” where a number of faculty would present at different times.

Let me know what you think. I do believe we need something, just not sure what. Also, this will allow me to see who is following this webpage and blog.