What’s Happening…



“Who’s Who at CSP?” Series

(Happening Monthly) This is a time for us as a community, to gain a better understanding and appreciation of who we are as individuals, departments, and offices, and to explore how we can support each other in building a greater CSP. This is an opportunity for diverse voices to be heard from all corners of the CSP campus.




  • SEPTEMBER: Featured Financial Aid Office (09.26.2018)
  • OCTOBER: Featuring Campus Security Office (10.24.2018)
  • NOVEMBER: Featuring Athletics Department (11.27.2018)
  • DECEMBER: Featuring College of Humanities and Social Sciences (12.05.2018)
  • FEBRUARY: Featuring Advancement Office (02.06.2019)
  • MAY: N/A


“Talking Tuesdays” Series

This series is designed for open, honest, challenging and respectful conversations on various topics that students, faculty, staff, and administrators observe or experience at CSP or beyond. Anyone can sign up to lead or facilitate the discussions. Contact Michael Bond, bond@csp.edu, to facilitate the discussions.




  • SEPTEMBER: Inner Circles (09.25.2018)
  • OCTOBER: What’s Wrong with this Picture? (10.16.2018)
  • NOVEMBER: Divided Minds (11.13.2018); “Who’s Who with Athletes” (11.27.18)
  • FEBRUARY: Safe Spaces (02.05.2019)
  • MAY: TBD


“We’re in This Together” Series

This series will provide the Diversity Center opportunities to collaborate with individuals, groups or organizations on programming ideas, diversity training, and dialogue that help educate, celebrate, and build unity. Contact Louisa Vang, lvang@csp.edu, to collaborate.





Power In Diversity Conference

On Thursday, January 24-Saturday, January 26, 2019, the Diversity Center brought 7 Concordia students to Saint Cloud State University for the 10th Annual Power In Diversity Conference. The conference focuses on learning about the importance of diversity and how they can bring more awareness on to the Concordia campus.  The students attended a number of workshops for personal growth and to bring knowledge back to the campus.


Highview Middle School Visit

On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, the Diversity Center brought in Highview Middle School to learn about our campus along with learning about higher education. We were able to have a student panel that the middle school students were able to interact with current CSP students and ask them questions.




In 2009, a group of Concordia staff and faculty began an organized effort to identify, engage, and eliminate racism as it exists in its many forms at Concordia and beyond. Introduction state of what CARE stands for is to acknowledge first year classes (systematize anti-racist agenda, ultimate goal is to create a campus where people feel empowered to speak out against oppression, as you come in this is an expectation of the csp community, we work with faculty, staff and students).

Mission Statement: To promote equality and peaceful coexistence through developing awareness of self and others, sharing knowledge, encouraging mutual understanding, ad healing the historical and continuing impact of injustice and inequality by acknowledging that racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and sexism still exist.

Vision Statement: CARE advocates for a society where the dignity, worth, and human potential of each member is equally valued and respected; where our many collective cultural identities are honored; and where we all can live free from intolerance, degradation, inequality, and oppression.

Values: CARE stands in defense of these egalitarian ideals by energetically opposing implicit and explicit manifestations and socially embedded systems of bias, marginalization, privilege, and discrimination; and by confronting efforts to deny that inequalities and injustice continue to exist.

Past events, activities, and workshops:

  • KDWB controversy
  • Campus survey
  • 2-Minute button campaign
  • Day Of Awareness: Are We There Yet?
  • Are We There Yet – 2 ?
  • Hoodie March
  • Online Interactive Bystander Training
  • RA & Peer Advisor Training
  • Campus-wide Convocations
  • College Seminar Class (all 1st year students)

Join in the conversation and the challenge to step out of your comfort zone! Spread the word!

C.A.R.E Committee Members:

Dr. Cheryl Chatman, Executive Vice President and Dean of Diversity, chatman@csp.edu
Kristin Bransford, Professor of Psychology, bransford@csp.edu
Dr. Basma Ibrahim DeVries, Professor of Communication Studies, devries@csp.edu
Charles Hines, Academic Advisor-Military, hines@csp.edu
Kate Larson, C.A.L.L. Center Coordinator, klarson@csp.edu
Adrian Perryman, Assistant Director of Academic Advising, perryman@csp.edu
Matt Ryan, Assistant Professor of English, ryan@csp.edu
Tiffanie Loeb Schneider, Director of International Student Services, loebschneider@csp.edu
Laura Wangness Willemsen, Assistant Professor of Education, wangsnesswillemsen@csp.edu