Diversity Plan (2018-2023)

Concordia University, St. Paul is proud of its diverse, multicultural environment, which includes students and faculty that reflect the broader communities we serve. The university’s Diversity Plan, which is currently being updated, articulates an aspiration for an explicit, integrated, strategic, university-wide approach to our diversity efforts. The plan challenges the University to live up to its promise of creating a dynamic and engaging environment for the people we serve. As a living document that will evolve to reflect the growth of the university, the Diversity Plan is designed to acknowledge, celebrate, and demonstrate our beliefs that diversity is an asset to who we are as an institution, while providing immeasurable benefits to us as individuals and as a collective. It enhances and embodies the mission, vision, and promises of the university (to view statements, please refer to Concordia’s Mission, Vision and Promise Statement). Diversity is an important part of our history, our present and our future.

The  Diversity Plan is currently being updated.