Purchase Order

Use this form BEFORE purchasing products or services. It must be saved with a different name using the ‘Save As’ function under the File menu option. Save it to a directory on your hard drive/computer. If purchases require approval from department head/supervisor or are using funds from other organizational departments, forward the document to the person who is supervising the account in question, via e-mail, who should then forward it to the Purchasing Department. This form provides the necessary information to allow the Purchasing Department to create an official purchase order.

Once the Purchasing department receives and reviews the PO request, it will then be created in Banner and printed to the listed printer. Please allow 1 day, at minimum, for processing.

Preferred Vendors
Concordia has a list of preferred vendors. Contact the purchasing department if you are interested in a vendor who is not listed.

Office Supplies & Furniture:   Staples Advantage   -Contact PaNhia Thor for login information

Industrial Supplies: Grainger Unisource

Stationery: Curtis 1000

Concordia Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards can be purchased by contacting one of the following people:

Human Resources: Elizabeth Coleman
Bookstore: Chad-Barnes and Noble
College of Business & Organizational Leadership: Debbie Tewes
College of Arts and Letters: Susan Hanlon
College of Education & Science: Anne Heilman
Academic Affairs: Kathy Haeg
Admission Office: Kristine Erickson
Development: Leslie Erickson
President’s Office: Jill Simon