Assessment Council

College of Humanities and Social Science
Monica Murray,
Assessment Coordinator,

College of Business and Technology
Carol Klempka,
Assessment Coordinator,

College of Health and Science
Sam Haag, Assessment Coordinator,

College of Education
Kelly Sadlovsky, Assessment Coordinator,

Institutional Research
Beth Peter,
Director of Institutional Research,

Learning Management Systems
Brock Behling, LMS Representative,

Associate Vice President for Assessment and Accreditation
Miriam Luebke, Chair,

What is the role of the Assessment Council?

The Faculty bylaws outline the responsibilities of the Assessment Council as follows:

Assessment Council Membership and Structure

  1. College Assessment Coordinator:  One faculty member appointed by the dean of each college, with workload weight assigned through the dean in consultation with the chief academic officer
  2. Faculty appointments will serve three-year terms, with possibility for renewal
  3. Chair appointed by the chief academic officer
  4. Director of Institutional Research, ex officio
  5. Vice President for Academic Affairs, ex officio
  6. The assessment of learning process and the work of the assessment council will be reviewed every three years by external consultants (e.g., from Concordia University System or local area institutions, or as part of accreditation visits)
  7. This council is a member of the Office of Academic Affairs and reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsibilities of the Assessment Council

  1. Pursue assessment-related activities that contribute to the assessment and improvement of the quality of undergraduate and graduate education at Concordia University, St. Paul
  2. Be an advisory council with workload responsibilities, reporting to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
  3. Promote, coordinate, and oversee campus-wide assessment of learning activities
  4. Promote and support faculty development activities related to assessment of learning
  5. Annually review the assessment activities of academic units
  6. Recommend appropriate assessment strategies and models to academic constituents
  7. Recommend additional areas of learning to be assessed

Responsibilities of Assessment Council Members

  1. Provide leadership for assessment of learning in his/her respective college
  2. Participate in the preparation and implementation of faculty development regarding assessment of learning
  3. Provide feedback to faculty and departments in his/her respective college regarding the fit of their assessment practices with the institutional assessment plan
  4. Be a resource to faculty in his/her respective college regarding current assessment practices and expectations
  5. Acquire training in Higher Learning Commission (accreditation) criteria
  6. Attend bi-monthly meetings of the Assessment Council