Higher Learning Commission

Site Visit:  Concordia is currently preparing for reaffirmation of our accreditation in 2017-18, with a visit to our campus by a review team on April 16-17, 2018.

Criteria for Accreditation:  The criteria we must demonstrate that we meet to reaffirm our accreditation can be viewed here.

Assumed Practice:  Institutions that are accredited by HLC must demonstrate these institutional requirements, called “Assumed Practice,” which you can view here.

Review Schedule:  Concordia participates in the “Open Pathway” process for HLC. You can view the schedule of reports, reviews, and visits, here.

Faculty Qualifications:  HLC sets expectations for the qualifications of faculty members. View those guidelines here.

New Programs:  When an institution changes something significant, e.g., a new program or degree level, it must apply for approval from HLC. This review process assures that the instution is fully prepared to initiate and sustain something new. It must demonstrate that the new effort has appropriate financial support, qualified faculty, adequate facilities, up-to-date and relevant curriculum, and thorough quality improvement processes (assessment and program review). View the HLC change policies here.

Quality Initiative:  HLC expects that its member institutions continually make changes that improve quality and the student experience. As a means of demonstrating such improvement efforts to HLC, institutions must propose, implement, and report on one Quality Initiative per 10-year cycle. Concordia has completed the final report on its first Quality Initiative, Fulfilling the Promise: Comprehensive Program Review, Professional Development, and Departmental and Curricular Planning. View the final report for this initiative here.

Visit the Higher Learning Commission website here.