Tutoring Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a Writing Center tutor, e-mail Joel Bisser at bisser@csp.edu or apply directly on Handshake.

In addition to sharpening your writing skills and providing the satisfaction of helping your peers improve theirs, tutoring develops a range of skills that are directly applicable to nearly any career and help fill out a resume. Just a few of these skills include:

Verbal Communication
-learning to critique by giving feedback that balances support and encouragement with constructive criticism
-explaining clearly abstract concepts
-welcoming new writers to the Writing Center
-providing an introduction to the Writing Center for incoming students

Interpersonal Skills
-working with students from a variety of backgrounds
-working closely with a supervisor

Critical Thinking and Reading 
-reading and assessing quickly
-prioritizing errors

Teaching Skills 
-breaking down complex ideas and skills into manageable lessons
-presenting material in a classroom setting
-creating a lesson plan for the tutoring session
-helping the writer see the “big picture” of his/her paper
-creating teaching materials (handouts, tip sheets, etc.)

Working Independently
-staffing the writing center while the director is away
-Assessing and reflecting upon tutoring experiences