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Below is a collection of links to handouts created by Concordia University, St. Paul’s Writing Center; handouts created by other individuals or organizations; and websites relevant to writing topics. Please contact us ( if any links become broken, if there are any links you think would be helpful to add, or if you have any questions related to resources for writers. Thank you.

Handouts and Resources

Academic Writing Basics

Brushing up on Writing Skills Checklist

Semi Colons and Colons
Comma Fused and Comma Splice
Commas (parenthetical, conjunctions, and Introductory Phrases)

Oxford Comma

Compound Adjectives


Quotation Marks

Sentence Structure
Identifying and Fixing Fragments


Grammar and Usage
Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers
Using Active Voice/Avoiding Passive Voice

Singular Indefinite Pronoun

Singular Plural Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement

Avoiding Colloquialism
Kolb Model for Writing Papers – Life Experience Essays
Point of View
Reducing Wordiness

Dr. Grammar: Grammar F.A.Q.s
Grammar Bytes: Explanations and Exercises
Grammar and Punctuation Practice
Interactive Grammar Exercise
Parts of Speech/Sentence Practice

Grammar Exercises

APA Style (6th Edition) 

APA Manual (6th Edition) 

Sample APA Style Essay (6th Edition)
APA In-text/References Chart
APA Headings Levels

APA Sample Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Guide
Annotated Bibliography Information
Annotated Bibliography Examples

APA Heading Levels
Citing the Bible in APA Style
Signal Phrases and Tense Usage

Numbers in APA Material

APA Cover Page Set-up

MLA Style (8th Edition) 

MLA Style Center: Works Cited Quick Guide & Practice Template 

MLA Style Sample Essay (8th Edition)
Citing the Bible in MLA Style
MLA sample paper Dancing Socks

Chicago and Turabian Citation (16th Edition)
Chicago Style Sample Paper
Chicago and Turabian Citation Guide

Citing the Bible in Chicago/Turabian Style

How to Add Footnotes


Capstone Cover Page and Table of Contents

Capstone Outline Sample

MA-ED Capstone Mechanics

Cover Letters

Creating a Formal Outline in Microsoft Word
Mind Mapping and Outlining


Editing and Proofreading
Common Proofreader’s Marks
Proofreading Strategies

Computer Short Cut Tips

General Links

Concordia University Library
St. Paul Public Library
Purdue OWL 


The Writing Process

Avoid Procrastinating: Plan Your Writing Process Here

Developing a Thesis

How to Write an Argument Essay


English Language Learners
Activities for ESL Writers

Avoiding Plagiarism
Using Sources Correctly


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