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FSC Schedule and Events
September 20-Convocation, Sun Yung Shin: Book-of-the-Year Launch
October 17-Faculty Research Spotlight: Stephanie Hunder (LTC, 12:00)
October 20-Quasi-Endowment Grant applications due at midnight (see details below)
October 25-Convocation, Sights and Soundbites of the Lutheran Reformation: The World of Martin Luther in 1517
November 15-Convocation, John Bouman: “Poverty and Inequality in America”
December 6-Convocation, Marya Hornbacher: Mental Health and Disability Awareness Week

Convocation-September 20 [BEC: 10:30-11:20]
Our September 20 Convocation speaker will be Sun Yung Shin. She is the editor & contributor of our 2017-2018 Book-of-the-Year, A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota. She is also the author of a book of poetry/essays (Unbearable Splendor), two books of poetry (Rough, and Savage, and Skirt Full of Black), and a children’s book (Cooper’s Lesson). She is the co-editor of Outsiders Within: Writing on Transracial Adoption.

Quasi-Endowment Grant program:
The Faculty Scholarship Quasi-Endowment grant fall semester proposals are due on October 20 at midnight. Applications must be electronically submitted to David Woodard (woodard@csp,.edu) and to Dr. Marilyn Reineck (reineck@csp.edu) in the Office of Academic Affairs (with cc: to Kathy Haeg haeg@csp.edu) — on or before that deadline. Any supporting documentation should be submitted electronically or in hardcopy with your application. This FSC website includes all the details about the grant and the application. Email Dr. Woodard with any questions, or talk to one of the Faculty Scholarship Committee members.

Monday Morning Mentor: The Monday Morning Mentor program was so successful that we renewed our subscription for the 2017-2018 academic year. In addition, we plan to have some fun with more faculty interaction this year. There will be small monthly prizes for listeners. Details will posted soon!

♦ NEW… Quasi-Grant “Seed Money”: Our Faculty Development Quasi-Grant program has been extremely successful. It has provided funding for some essential faculty research activities. Last year we funded 22 projects; spending nearly $30,000 dollars.  This year (2017-2018) we will be launching a new initiative as part of the Quasi-Grant program. We would like to encourage and assist faculty who might be just starting a research project…. or have a new research idea. At this early stage of that process, maybe a small Grant would help to get their research going.

So along with our regular Quasi-Grant awards (October and March), we will also be awarding 4-5 “Seed Money Grants.” These will be grants for $400.00 or less to start your research project. Same rules will apply—we would like you to describe the project and give us a tentative budget. We hope these small grants will provide a valuable early investment in your research.

♦ NEW … digital signage (2nd floor Meyer Hall): One of the digital screens across from Dr. Reineck’s office (Meyer 214) will now be used for Faculty news. That’s right, we have our own digital screen! Kathy Haeg and I (Dr. Woodard) have been trained-in on posting information. Start looking for news and other fun posts soon.

♦ NEW … Innovative Teaching & Learning ideas:
We know that the Concordia faculty are undertaking new classroom and teaching initiatives each and every semester. This year we want to start collecting, recording, and celebrating this faculty creativity. There will even be prizes and awards at the spring 2018 Faculty Retreat!

This will be easy and fun! We just want to know what new and exciting things are taking place in our classrooms. These “Innovative” ideas can be anything from individual lessons to entirely revamped courses. And your Innovative ideas don’t even have to be a success this first time! There will be no required assessment, application forms, paperwork, or questions from anyone. We just want to know what you are doing. More details will follow on the drop-down menu link above. This new program will be coordinated by Dr. Kris Bransford, Dr. David Woodard, and the Faculty Development Committee.