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January 16, Wednesday: Convocation, Jana Shortal, KARE-11 News [10:30-11:25, Buetow Auditorium]
February 5, Tuesday: Faculty Spotlight, Richard Brynteson [noon, LTC: Open Classroom Space–main floor]
February 20, Wednesday: Convocation,
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Faculty Spotlight (February 5), Richard Brynteson will speak at our February F-Spot: Tuesday, February 5 @ noon [LTC: Open Classroom Space–main floor]

“The Rise of Universities in 12th century Europe”
In the Fall of 2016, Dr. Brynteson visited six universities, each almost 800 years old. His research question: What innovations have allowed you to stay open for so long? Dr. Brynteson received many intriguing and thought-provoking responses.  What can we learn in 2019 from the creation of these universities so many years ago?

CONVOCATION: Jana Shortal [KARE-11 News]
date: January 16

topic: “News in an Era of Political Discord”
time: 10:30-11:25
where: Buetow Auditorium

Fifteen. That’s how many years Jana has worked as a journalist for KARE 11 news here in Minneapolis – it is also the same amount of time she has spent wondering if she could ever really be that much needed addition to the now defunct Destiny’s Child.  But she’s for sure gonna name her first child, Destiny, just to get remotely close to that brand.

Other tidbits: She is from a town you’ve never heard of but it’s a 40 minute drive from St. Louis….. She once sold her ten-year anniversary gift from KARE 11 to an ex so she could buy a pair of Air Jordan’s….. Jana graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia a very long time ago and had it not been for a persistent journalism professor would have spent her adult life driving the Wienermobile.

Jana Shortal is a reporter and co-anchor of Breaking the News on KARE 11. Jana began reporting for KARE in December of 2003, just in time for the temperatures to fall below her idea of freezing. Before coming to KARE she worked at Fox4 in Kansas City and KRCG in Jefferson City.

Jana will discuss news and media issues in our current polarized political climate: biased news, accurate sources, fake news, hostility toward the media, civility, and how we can all be better and smarter news consumers.

CONVOCATION: CALL Center–Study Abroad
date: February 20
topic: “Abroad Experiences Foster Creativity”
time: 10:30-11:25
where: BEC

Abroad Experiences Foster Creativity
Research has shown how travel abroad involving cultural immersion sparks creativity and personal growth. Concordia students, staff, and faculty often find how their own sense of self has shifted because of the deep connections fostered during their time abroad. Join us as we hear stories and highlights from our CSP community reflecting on how their study abroad experience has enhanced their multicultural awareness and impacted their own creativity.

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