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November 28-Faculty Spotlight, Oleksandre (Alex) Komarenko: “Politics and Society in the Ukraine” [LTC, noon]
December 6-Convocation, Marya Hornbacher: “Get a Grip: Cultivating Mental Health in College and Beyond” [Buetow, 10:30-11:25]
January 17-Convocation, Book-of-the-Year panel discussion [Buetow, 10:30-11:25]–details to follow
February 21-Convocation, CSP Travel Abroad: reflection on the past year and upcoming trip announcements [LTC, 10:30-11:25]
March 21-Convocation, Brad Hewitt, “Your New Money Mindset: Creating A Healthy Relationship With Money” [Buetow, 10:30-11:25]
April 11
-Convocation, National Poetry Month: 2nd annual CSP celebration & readings [TBD, 10:30-11:25]
April 25-Academic Honors Convocation
weekly/ongoing-Monday Morning Mentor

Convocation, December 6: Marya Hornbacher, “Get a Grip: Cultivating Mental Health in College and Beyond”
Marya Hornbacher is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author. She is the recipient of a host of awards for her books, journalism, essays, and poetry. Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for her first book, Marya has spent a prolific twenty-odd years writing and teaching across genres. She was recently honored with the Annie Dillard Award in Creative Nonfiction.

Marya published her first book, Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia in 1998, when she was twenty-three. What started as a crazy idea suggested by a writer friend became the classic book that has been published in sixteen languages, is taught in universities all over the world, and has, according to the thousands of letters Marya has received over the years, changed lives. Her second book, the acclaimed novel The Center of Winter, has been called “masterful,” “gorgeous writing,” “a stunning achievement of storytelling,” and “compulsive reading.” The novel tells the story of a family recovering from a father’s suicide in the spare, wintry Minnesota north, and in exploring this seemingly dark landscape, discovers light, redemption, and hope. This book, too, is taught in some of the best writing and literature programs in the United States and Europe. Marya’s third book, Madness: A Bipolar Life, was published to immediate and enormous praise, hitting the New York Times Bestseller List and earning the remark in that publication, “Hornbacher is a virtuoso writer.” Madness is “an intense, beautifully written” book about the difficulties, and promise, of living with mental illness. It has been called “the most visceral, important book on mental illness to be published in years.”

Her fourth and fifth books, both published by Hazelden Publishers, took Marya in a new and exciting direction that allowed her to put her experience with recovery to use in the recovery community. Sane: Mental Illness, Addiction, and the Twelve Steps is a practical, funny, user-friendly guide to working the Twelve Steps for people who deal with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and addiction. Waiting: A Nonbeliever’s Higher Power is a powerful, almost radical exploration of what spirituality can mean to the recovering person who does not believe in God.

Marya’s sixth book, We’ve Been Healing All Along: Real Lives and Real Strategies for Mental Health Recovery, will be published in early 2019. This book, the result of a five-year cross-country journey to investigate the state of mental health in America, weaves together Marya’s research—including more than 1500 interviews—on psychiatry, neuroscience, and the mental health recovery movement. We’ve Been Healing All Along tells the personal stories of dozens of people with mental health disorders who are defining, and achieving, personal success on their own terms. Marya is hard at work on her seventh book, a collection of essays on the subject of solitude in women’s lives. Wednesday, December 6 @ 10:30 [Buetow]

Faculty Spotlight, Oleksandr (Alex) Komarenko. In our new Faculty Spotlight Series (“F-Spot” to sound hip), Professor Oleksandr (Alex) Komarenko is a visiting Fulbright scholar from Kyiv, Urkaine. Currently, Alex is doing research and teaching a class at Hamline. His teaching/research interests are Russian and Ukraine politics and the politics of Eastern Europe. I thought it would be a neighborly Concordia gesture to invite Alex to campus and discuss the Ukraine and other global issues involving Russia and Eastern Europe. Tuesday, November 28 @ noon [LTC]

Monday Morning Mentor: The Monday Morning Mentor program was so successful that we renewed our subscription for the 2017-2018 academic year. In addition, we plan to have some fun with more faculty interaction this year. There will be small monthly prizes for listeners. Details will posted soon!

digital signage (2nd floor Meyer Hall): One of the digital screens across from Dr. Reineck’s office (Meyer 214) will now be used for Faculty news. That’s right, we have our own digital screen! Kathy Haeg and I (Dr. Woodard) have been trained-in on posting information. Start looking for news and other fun posts soon.

♦ NEW … Innovative Teaching & Learning ideas: We know that the Concordia faculty are undertaking new classroom and teaching initiatives each and every semester. This year we want to start collecting, recording, and celebrating this faculty creativity. There will even be prizes and awards at the spring 2018 Faculty Retreat! This will be easy and fun! We just want to know what new and exciting things are taking place in our classrooms. These “Innovative” ideas can be anything from individual lessons to entirely revamped courses. And your Innovative ideas don’t even have to be a success this first time! There will be no required assessment, application forms, paperwork, or questions from anyone. We just want to know what you are doing. More details will follow on the drop-down menu link above. This new program will be coordinated by Dr. Kris Bransford, Dr. David Woodard, and the Faculty Development Committee.