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Internet Services

Tutorials are organized into the following sections:

Collage General Overview: Quick Reference
Collage: Basic Tasks
     Faculty Tutorials
Collage: Intermediate Tasks
Collage: Advanced Tasks
Frequent Requested Tasks: Google, PDF, Photo Optimizing
Configuration Settings
     Basic Computer Configurations FAQ's
     Collage Configurations FAQ's
     Java Downloads
Offline Downloads

Shortcut Tip To Find a Tutorial by Keyword
For example if "login" was entered as a keyword the browser will highlight the keyword in the tutorial entitled "How to Login".

  1. Press Ctrl+F (A Find text box will appear)
  2. Enter a keyword (e.g. login)
  3. Press "Next" or "Find"
  4. Repeat this step to locate the next keyword

For example if "login" was a keyword that was entered the browser will highlight the keyword in the tutorial title labeled "How to Login". Click the "Next" button to bring you to the next title containing "login".

General Overview: Quick Reference

Collage: Basic Tasks

  1. How to Log In to Collage
  2. Creating A New Document (webpage)
  3. Edit-Page
  4. Preview a Web Page
  5. How to Check Files In
  6. How to Approve Documents
  7. Edit-Link
  8. Linking to External Pages
  9. Link: Remove/Unlink
  10. Link, Edit and Upload
  11. How to Upload A File
  12. How to Find Files

Faculty Tutorials:

  1. Login to the new CMS
  2. Quick Edit a Faculty Homepage
  3. Faculty Page Tutorial

Collage: Intermediate Tasks

  1. How to Change Website Banners
  2. Modify Department Banner Photos
  3. Custom Nav Tutorial
  4. Creating and Editing Tables
  5. How to Align Text in a Cell
  6. Deleting a Webpage Permanently
  7. Deploy Folders Subview Directions
  8. How to Create Anchors
  9. How to Create External Anchors
  10. How to Change Link from http to https
  11. How to fix a broken link
  12. Replace/Update Files
  13. How to roll back to previous version
  14. Convert File to PDF

Collage: Advanced Tasks

  1. Select Document Type
  2. Replacing Files
  3. How to Leave a Check-in Comment
  4. Replace Existing file
  5. How to Upload a Folder
  6. How to Deploy
  7. Deploy Folder View - Deploying
  8. Deploy Folder View - Rename Filename
  9. Content Redistributable
  10. How to Populate Automatically Linked Pages
  11. Convert Microsoft Office Documents to PDF
  12. Department Tutorials
  13. How to Populate HR Hot Topics Box
  14. News: Creating Default News Text Boxes
  15. News: Creating Custom News Text Boxes
  16. Creating Site Structures 
  17. How to Create Tasks
  18. Completing a Task


  1. Working with Spaces in Table Cells
  2. Removing Dates from Metadata
  3. Font Formatting Fix

Frequent Requested Tasks:

  1. Google
  2. PDF: Creating an Adobe PDF Locking Form Editable Fields
  3. Photo Optimizing: Optimize & Resize Photos for the Web 
    (Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager)

Configuration Settings:

Basic Computer Configurations FAQ's:

  1. Clear Cache, Cookies & History
  2. Reset Network Password (On Campus Users)
  3. How to Print a Screen
  4. How to Map a Drive
  5. How to enable the Status Bar (troubleshooting option)

Collage Configurations FAQ's:

  1. T420s Laptop Setup (R61 | R61 Internet Options)
  2. Setting Desktop Internet Options
  3. Collage IE8: Advanced Fix | Image Center Fix
  4. Collage Windows 7 Configuration Setup 
  5. Resolve File Upload Issues (e.g. Not Appearing)
  6. Required Collage Configurations (Checklist)
  7. Installing Java
  8. Disable Java Next-Generation Plug-in (New!)

Java Downloads:

Offline Downloads - Collage Overview Formats:


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